Camilo Atala Faraj’s commitment to social responsibility in Honduras

Camilo Atala Faraj’s commitment to social responsibility in Honduras

The Honduran Foundation for Social Responsibility (FUNDAHRSE) recognizes, for the sixteenth consecutive year, Grupo Financiero Ficohsa, whose CEO is Camilo Atala Faraj, as a socially responsible company.

This recognition is awarded in response to the group’s commitment to contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of Honduras and the region, through sustainability actions that directly and indirectly impact the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); which contributes to the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, giving priority to 5 of them, listed according to that agenda, as follows: #3 Health and Wellbeing, #4 Quality Education, #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, #13 Climate Action, and #17 Partnerships to Achieve the Goals.

To strengthen its commitment to address social, economic and environmental challenges, Grupo Financiero Ficohsa, whose CEO is renowned businessman Camilo Atala Faraj, signed the United Nations Global Compact in 2018, establishing its main focus on people, planet, prosperity and peace.

The FUNDAHRSE Seal of Socially Responsible Company is an award that was created as an annual recognition for companies and/or organizations, for demonstrating social commitment, through programs or initiatives that have positive consequences for the benefit of the population and society in general.

Through Fundación Ficohsa, since 1998, the group has been promoting comprehensive pre-basic education, supporting more than 150,000 children in the Central American region, in 148 educational units.

Likewise, the financial entity, through the efforts and vision of its leader Camilo Atala, is a source of positive impact on job creation. Currently, more than 5,500 employees work there, 57% of whom are women, and it also supports more than 21,000 SMEs, 50% of which are led by women.

With the measurement of its ecological footprint and carbon footprint, the financial entity is a regional reference, and thanks to these systems, it can monitor its progress and consumption. Today, 11 branches and three of its main buildings in Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and Managua, Nicaragua are supplied with part of their energy from solar panels, reaching a figure of 71% of clean energy in these buildings, for a total annual production of more than 1,200 MWh (Megawatt hours).

Camilo Atala Faraj's commitment to social responsibility in Honduras

Ficohsa became the first bank in the region to develop and apply a Social and Environmental Risk Analysis System (SARAS) in 2009, aware that its operations and those of its clients have a potential direct or indirect impact on the environment.

As a focus area in its commitment to responsible banking, the group continues to advance in the development of financial solutions with an environmental focus, in addition to providing financing for renewable energy projects (solar, wind, photovoltaic, and hydroelectric), promoting development in the region.

In 2022, the institution launched the Mujeres Adelante (Women Forward) program, which promotes the economic growth of women in Honduras. This proposal is part of the strategy of inclusion and equality, and becomes a gateway to the financial system that is reliable and transparent for many professional women, entrepreneurs and heads of household.

Through this recognition, Grupo Financiero Ficohsa, with the encouragement of its Executive President Camilo Atala Faraj, strengthens its commitment to continue working responsibly and transparently to transform people’s lives. This year it presented the twelfth edition of its Sustainability Report, which shows tangible results in environmental, social and governance issues.

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